What Goes Around Comes Around: Rediscovering Vintage Jewelry

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Vintage jewelry is increasing in popularity as a fashion world favorite in jewelry trends all around the world, and promises to continue as the characteristic charm of all things nostalgic keeps us collectively intrigued, even on a somewhat subconscious level.  But what defines “vintage” in the world of fine jewelry?  And what are the best ways to incorporate the vintage jewelry trend into your day-to-day wardrobe? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="253"]Capturing the Vintage Feel Capturing the Vintage Feel[/caption] Defining “Vintage Jewelry” “Definition” when it comes to vintage jewelry is really more a matter of interpretations.  The term “vintage” typically refers to a particular past era and embodies the predominant style trends of the day.  How old does a piece of jewelry need to be to be considered vintage?  Well, that’s a subject of some debate in the fashion world but, generally speaking, there needs to be a few decades’ distance between present day and the era in which a particular jewelry style was on trend for it to be considered vintage jewelry.  It is generally accepted that any time going back from the 1970’s (by some interpretations, the 1980’s is also a vintage era) has earned the highly esteemed “vintage” moniker.  On the flip side, jewelry approaching 100 years or older graduates into the antique category, to be revered for eternity as such. What Goes around Comes around Another general guideline in defining vintage jewelry relies on fashion trends cycling back around, which tends to happen about every 20-25 years.  So if it’s old enough to be in style for a second time around, then it’s old enough to be considered vintage jewelry. What’s really great about the vintage jewelry trend, though, is that a piece doesn’t have to be currently in style again to be stylish.  The vintage jewelry revolution is more about taking our favorite elements of eras gone by and incorporating them into our modern day fashion statements.  For the same reason we love old movies, bygone jewelry styles and elements impart upon us an admiration for those who came before us, paving the way into the bold and creative world of fashion we enjoy today.  Thank you, trend-setters of yore! Making a Statement with Vintage Jewelry The best way to incorporate the vintage jewelry trend into your day-to-day wardrobe is… any way you want!  Does your style statement have to be in keeping with the trends of the day to match your vintage jewelry piece?  Not at all.  This wonderful jewelry trend is all about merging the old and the new; the nostalgic and the modern; the then mingling with the now.  Vintage jewelry is a fashion statement for all times.