Unique Vintage Inspired Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Unique Vintage Inspired Jewelry For Mother’s Day

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Mother’s are fondly loved and cherished every day of each one’s life, but mother’s day celebration with her becomes all the more remarkable as this day dedicated to acknowledging all her efforts in bringing us up, her unconditional love and untiring dedication towards her family and kids. Vintage jewelry is classic pieces of history that carry a story in it and are always cherished from generations to generations. Here, we are listing few unique Vintage Jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s day. Classic diamond jewelry Show your love, appreciation, and care to your mommy dear by gifting her classic vintage inspired solitaire diamond studs in four-prong settings. The Victorian era inspired daintily crafted diamond studs are embellished with a mild grain pattern in platinum and are really an eye candy for the woman who is passionately in love with a sparkle of diamonds. Vintage Ring Personalized Diamond Initials Rings For a more customized gift, one can always go for a vintage inspired diamond initials to ring. A yellow gold or rose gold ring with the initials of your mom’s name that are embellished with cluster diamonds for an added sparkle is the best Mother’s day gift that will make her feel loved and remembered every time she will look down at the ring on her finger gifted to her by her beloved children. Vintage Birthstone Rings If you are blessed with a mom who loves to check through the astrological columns to know the lucky color for the day and feels proud when adorns one, then you can never be wrong in selecting a vintage-inspired birthstone ring for your lovely mom. This ring comes adorned with a solitaire birthstone in halo settings adorned with tiny diamonds around it. Heart-shaped pendants The heart is an eternal symbol of love, respect, and token of appreciation. An elegantly crafted yellow gold Heart pendant embellished with emerald is the true symbol of gratitude towards a mother from her children. This pendant, when paired with a yellow gold 20-inch cable chain, will look remarkably outstanding on the wearer giving her an opportunity to pair it with other smaller chain as well. Diamond Heart Necklace Diamond Choker Necklace For the mom’s who love Vintage jewelry to the chore, a diamond choker necklace is a most have. A diamond choker necklace has a remarkable quality to instantly pep up even the simplest of the outfit. This choker necklace in 18K white gold adorned with diamonds in an eternity fashion is sure to make your mom feel the best mom of the century especially when this type of gift would be coming from the apple of her eye. Well, this was our little list of Vintage inspired diamond Jewelry gift ideas for the special Mom who makes this world all the more worth living. Happy Mother’s Day...