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Scintillating Picks on Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring is the most important purchase in one’s life. And do you know why a man puts an engagement ring across his lady-love’s finger?

There is a specific philosophy surrounding the whole thing. Engagement rings connote loyalty, dedication and commitment, a man gives to the woman of his life. It is a solemn or an oath, he gives to the, yet-to-become-bride that, she will be the only girl he would be marrying.

Presenting 4 awesome designs on Engagement bands, you will truly feel elated about:

14K Rose gold ring

This is a 14K rose gold ring that comes to you with a spectacular design and intricate detailing. The round solitaire stone is adorned by other posh studs on a prong setting.

Vintage ring with a filigree accent

The enchanting design, the engagement band has, can definitely make you skip your heart beats. This is a truly loveable pick for reasons more than one. The filigree accents the ring’s detailing comprises of, makes you let down your hair loose and party harder.

The biggest solitaire stone clings to two other stones on each side of the band. The other stones are decorated across the vintage styled design. The setting can be customized using white/yellow/pink gold. Platinum can also be used.

Halo styled band with a mounting option

Here goes another incredible design on Engagement bands. The solitaire stone is placed at the center of a halo styled ring. 14K white gold is used for the setting. Designer stones are elegantly decorated on the bridal ring.

A solitaire stone amid cluster diamonds

The superlative design of the band is definitely going to take your girl by a pleasant surprise. The elegantly styled 14K white gold ring has diamond stones decorated by prongs in clusters. You have three rows of stones. The solitaire stone comes in between. Isn’t this magical?

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