Diamonds are a MOM’S best Friend!

Diamonds Are A MOM’S Best Friend!

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

You know the old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we all too often forget that Mom was once a “girl” too… the very best girl, actually – she’s Mom!  And what better way to show your mother that she shines even brighter than a diamond in your eyes than with a Mother’s Day gift of… well… diamonds! The great thing about diamonds (besides the obvious… they’re diamonds!) as a Mother’s Day gift is that you can find or create a beautiful piece of jewelry for Mom on virtually any budget.  Because diamonds are so often associated with solitaire stones (like engagement rings), our tendency is often to overlook diamond jewelry as an affordable option for other important gift-bestowing occasions.  Here are some super-practical, fashionable, and even sentimental Mother’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on Mom’s face… and in her heart. Diamond Stud EarringsUse our stud finder to locate the perfect pair for Mom! Diamond earrings are a perennial favorite for many a gift-giving occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception.  Diamond stud earrings are simple, elegant, and sure to make Mom feel special each time she wears them.  Does your mom already have a pair of diamond studs?  No problem… you can help her enhance them with diamond earring jackets, giving her a new and improved look based on her existing jewelry box staples. Diamond Tennis Bracelet Do you want to know how to make Mom feel like a million dollars, while only spending a few hundred?  A diamond tennis bracelet will do just that - and never, ever, ever goes out of style.  And here’s an idea – go in on this Mother’s Day gift with your siblings to share the expense.  You’ll be amazed at how much bling (and love!) you can present to Mom when you pool your resources to procure one AMAZING Mother’s Day gift!  (secret mom hint: she’ll be even more impressed that all her children worked together toward a common cause… finally!) Custom Mother’s Jewelry Unless you are a mother yourself, you cannot possibly understand the depth of a mother’s love.  She thinks of her children all the time.  She worries, she hopes, she loves… even if her children are all grown and have moved on, there is a piece of her that is with them every moment of every day. Necklace - Van Scoy Diamonds Custom mother’s jewelry gives her a beautiful reminder, every day, of the children that have given her so much joy and pride in her life.  A simple ring or necklace with your birthstones, accented – of course! – with some small diamonds, is a Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish forever!