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Platinum Jewelry For Generations To Come

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Platinum Studs - Van Scoy Diamonds

It takes a lot to commit forever but when you’re selecting bridal jewelry, know that platinum is truly eternal. It is one of the strongest, natural metal and also one of the longest lasting. Platinum Jewelry has been a valuable part of special occasions for the past three thousand years. We tell you how it […]

Diamond Pendants

5 Stylish Pendants Every Woman Must Own

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Pendants are the latest upgrade to necklaces. You can even have invisible chains designed so that you have the pendants doing most part of the talking. You can sport this versatile piece of jewelry for a casual parties, office wear or to colleges. Stylish pendants can pull off your persona, for a daily-look, as well. […]

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A Something Party Out Of Nothing

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(How me and my friends had a fun summer jewelry party) Summer and winter have something in common: once the big holidays are done, it is just a long time of doing nothing. In the winter, once New Year’s is over, there is Valentine’s Day for the lucky but otherwise there is nothing. Summer is […]

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Father’s Day: For a Civil War Vet and All Dads Since

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Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was a girl who appreciated her father. Born in Arkansas in 1882, she was only 16 when her mother died in childbirth. As the oldest girl, she helped her father, Civil War sergeant William Jackson Smart, raise all her five younger siblings. Later, as a grown-up living in Spokane, Washington, Dodd […]


Mother’s Day 2013

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Whoa! Did this year suddenly move double speed ahead!? Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and is in fact less than a week away! Whether you’re her husband or her child, don’t forget to treat the special mom(s) in your life with a treat on Sunday, May 12! Van Scoy Diamonds is full of Mother’s Day […]


Life is a Highway

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Like it or not, Spring is, undoubtedly, the season of change. Our growing children graduate from high school or college, our friends and family get married, and all around us new life is popping up. As the season unfolds in front of us, it’s time to take out the map and see where we want […]

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Cupid’s Customer Service

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Van Scoy Diamonds has a special employee nobody thinks much about until Valentine’s Day rolls around: Cupid. For most of the population, he’s simply a big baby in a cloth diaper hanging by strings from the grocery store’s ceiling. In all actuality, he’s thousands of years old, with more experience in love than the whole […]