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Platinum Jewelry For Generations To Come

Platinum Studs - Van Scoy Diamonds

It takes a lot to commit forever but when you’re selecting bridal jewelry, know that platinum is truly eternal. It is one of the strongest, natural metal and also one of the longest lasting. Platinum Jewelry has been a valuable part of special occasions for the past three thousand years. We tell you how it is a metal for all generations.

Platinum Passes the test of time
Unlike any other jewelry, Platinum will not thin when worn over time. In fact, platinum gets better with time, but if you want that new luster of platinum, the polishing will do that without any metal loss.

Platinum is malleable
It can be made into almost any type of jewelry. Platinum is not plated and so with time, the surface of this white metal is covered with a soft but rich patina. This shows a degree of authenticity, unlike any other metal.

The King of Metals
That is because of its purity, rarity and strength making it ideal for wedding rings. Platinum jewelry offers a metal that is invaluable, strong, durable and resists tarnish. All of this makes it a wise investment over gold for jewelry.

Platinum is in the limelight
160 tons of platinum is mined each year, which makes it rare in comparison to gold, which is 1500 tons. Platinum jewelry has now overtaken gold as the most popular choice for couples when choosing their wedding rings. This is credited to the beauty that lasts for years and making it a symbol for durability.

Platinum Pyramid Studs - Van Scoy Diamonds

Think beyond the conventional metals and choose Platinum for your jewelry designs. Van Scoy Diamonds is a jewelry store which promises an eminent quality of the platinum. They design platinum jewelry with enormous efforts resulting in an intrinsic piece of art that you would not want to leave behind.

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