Van Scoy Diamonds: Jessica Alba Gets Honest

Van Scoy Diamonds: Jessica Alba Gets Honest

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Jessica Alba's 'The Honest Company'

An Eco-Friendly Celebrity Spotlight from Van Scoy Diamonds

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="283"] Jessica Alba: The Honest Company[/caption] Good Morning Greensboro, and all of our Blog Readers from around the world!  Today, the 'Greensboro Great' we've chosen to feature is that of a more global and profoundly positive variety. Plus, it's all the work of an incredibly talented, enchanted and stylish celebrity! Jessica Alba, talented Actress, stylish celebrity and self-proclaimed most proudly Mother of two, officially launched 'The Honest Company' on Tuesday. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="140"] Jessica Alba and Family[/caption] The eco-friendly line of products of 'The Honest Company' project will offer households nation-wide the ability to use entirely organic, homemade products to care for their newborns and growing babies. Literally created by Jessica Alba and two very hard working hands, 'The Honest Company' is able to guarantee the safety of products that come in contact with your baby. Alba began creating her own materials after the birth of second daughter, Haven, in 2011. After noticing that even products proclaiming to be eco-friendly still contained potentially harmful substances, she began to simply learn ways to create them herself. Thus, 'The Honest Company' was born. Named after first born daughter, Honor, now three, 'The Honest Company' will offer eco-friendly baby care products that include diapers, baby wipes, body care and cleaning products that are free of toxic materials. Guaranteed. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="543"] Welcome to The Honest Company![/caption]  

The Van Scoy Diamonds team so touched by the sincerity of this talented, beautiful and incredibly devoted Mother. Jessica Alba is so much more than a celebrity with fantastic style (though you do absolutely have it, Miss Alba!).

Today, we celebrate your eco-friendly victory in helping families all over the Country, and deem you forever and always a

Van Scoy Diamonds 'Greensboro Great'!

Have a Wonderful Day!

-Greensboro's Premier Diamond Jeweler, Van Scoy Diamonds

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