Ultra-luxurious Christmas Jewelry You Fall in Love With

Ultra-luxurious Christmas Jewelry You Fall In Love With

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Jewelry stores stack their shelves with infinite number of designs. This is especially true when the festive season is just round the corner. Too many embellishments, shades or designs can leave shoppers confused or overwhelmed. Here is a quick run-down on exciting pieces of ultra-luxurious Christmas jewelry: Festive range on Ear studs You can opt getting yourself a posh form of studded dangling. To make the festive occasion even better, it can be a Christmas shaped dangling. Fancy colored stones or sparkling diamonds are used. Floral design earrings can also be great for the occasion. Emerald cut or square shaped diamond earrings can also be an awesome pick to wear for Christmas. Suspension diamond earrings bring out the sense of style and fashion in you. White gold diamond ring What can be more fascinating than a diamond ring? Helping you discover the all-new diamond ring that comes to you with a white-gold setting. Selecting a beautiful bright diamond solitaire stone also adds to the aura while you choose a festive ring. Stunner bracelets This is the most beautiful variety of Christmas jewelry, for you to drool over. The bracelet comprises of a white-gold setting and is luxuriously dotted with smaller stones. The glitter and sheen of the bracelet brightens you up, the most fabulous way. Dior chain This is an elegantly designed chain that comes to you with two layers, added to it. The setting is a white gold one while the diamond studs add to the luxury in a resplendent manner. A must-have piece for the season. Jewelry that uses grey gold Pink need not be the only shade that fascinates women. Why not go in for grey or ash colored gold especially, this festive season? The intricately designed ring is made from a solid leash of grey gold. The setting is generously adorned with pave-cut stones. You can also opt for statement necklaces or cuff links made from grey gold. These are 5 ultra-luxurious picks, when it comes to choosing Christmas jewelry. Van Scoy Diamonds sells jewelry under $250. These include rings, chains and bracelets. The trendy store showcases designs online at https://www.vanscoydiamonds.com/