Turning Cash For Gold Into A Partner For Life

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Years ago, when my brother was visiting with his kids, my nephews were up exploring in the attic when they found a box of my stuff from my college days. I had forgotten about most it, but one of them was fascinated by the time capsule-like feel of it and asked if he could have it. I said sure, and they took it home. My brother called me a few days later to tell me that, in the box, they had found a number of gold rope chains (What can I say, I went through a Run-DMC phase in my life) and did I want them back? Many places were offering cash for gold and they might be worth something, but I told him not to worry. I hadn’t missed them before, so I wouldn’t miss them now. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Sell Your Gold at Vanscoy Diamonds Sell Your Gold at Vanscoy Diamonds[/caption] My nephew actually wore them a couple of times to costume parties but mostly everything simply moved from one attic to another where they sat forgotten again. Time went by, like it always does, and my nephew grew up, got a job, moved out and got a girlfriend. We all liked her immediately and were sure they would get married. The only problem was money was tight and he couldn’t afford the ring he wanted. This time I called my brother. “Remember that cash for gold suggestion you made to me?” At first, he wouldn’t hear of it. If anyone should have the money, he reasoned, it should be me. I told him I was comfortable enough, and it would be my gift. Never having kids of my own, I looked upon my nephews as my surrogate children and wanted the best for them. My nephew called me a couple of days later to thank me and ask me to join him when he got his cash for gold. I went with him to my favorite jeweler and got to watch my old chains, now worth almost four times what I paid for them all those years ago, become cash for gold, and then I got to watch that cash become a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Best of all, I got to watch my nephew marry the love of his life, and start to live happily ever after.