Treasuring A Family Heirloom

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

(Keeping fine diamond necklaces with jewelry care) I’m one of the luckiest people I know in so many ways, but the way that means most is my family has always stayed close. I know you can’t have multiple generations always together without some friction, but we are so close my friends joke about it, asking if they can come over for Norman Rockwell’s Christmas or summer picnic. One of the many great things about that is the family jewelry that has been in the family for generations. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Family Jewelry at Vanscoy Diamonds Family Jewelry at Vanscoy Diamonds[/caption] Some of it is newer, like the gold diamond necklace my mother got the day she was married, or even my great grandfather’s watch that has made its way down four generations of first born. But there are some gold necklaces and diamond earrings that go back six, seven or more generations, and that’s no joke! Nobody really knows when they came into the family. What we do know is that they’ve seen better days. Thankfully, it is the newest member of the family that is going to help make this jewelry look its best. He went to the local jewelry store looking for vintage style engagement rings and got far more than he bargained for. Not only did the jeweler have an enviable collection of diamond engagement rings that both looked a hundred years old and were even older, he explained to my sister’s fiancé that they could take old jewelry and restore it back to its original luster. The thing with the fiancé is he’s a nice guy, but a smart one, so he brought in an old necklace from his family that was tarnished with a broken clasp. Not only did they get the clasp back to work and look like it had always been that way, they made the necklace shine as if it were brand new. He was bold enough to bring this up with our family, and we quickly brought all of our fine jewelry down for their jewelry care. The only reason it took as long as it did was because of how much we overwhelmed their artisans. But when we got them all back, we realized how much this jewelry care was worth it.