Shimmer And Shine – Stunning Holiday Jewelry Trends For 2016

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Ahhhh, the holidays; that wonderful time of the year where we all come together in a bizarre mix of stress and indulgence, culminating in a joyous and spirited period of giving and receiving.  This is a favorite time of year for many of us, and as the holiday party season fast approaches, it’s time to show some seasonal cheer with these favorite holiday jewelry trends for 2016! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="253"]Twostone Diamond Jewelry - perfect to give and get! Twostone Diamond Jewelry - perfect to give and get![/caption] Tis the Season… for Shimmer and Shine! This holiday season is all about shimmer and shine – anything to light up a room, but not necessarily in the way you might think.  This season’s holiday jewelry trends aren’t about the biggest and brightest baubles, but something slightly subtler.  Something more unique and personal.  Something distinctly more… YOU. Mixing it Up This year’s holiday jewelry trends do not center around that single statement piece or an overkill of bling.  Instead, this season’s fashion trends encourage us to “mix it up” a bit.  Precious jewelry elements such as diamonds, pearls, gold and silver are paired with simpler natural elements such as shell, wood and stone to create an intriguing variety of texture that makes a statement all its own.  Similarly, this year’s holiday jewelry trends are bold and daring with color – again, not necessarily in one single piece, but by introducing multiple colors into your holiday jewelry ensemble, via practically any medium or element you choose. Tradition Meets Trend The “mixing it up” trend this holiday season opens up a wonderful opportunity to bring the traditional and the trendy together into a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.  Breathe new life into that timeless, classic strand of pearls by layering it with more trendy necklaces of multiple lengths and textures.  Revive that beautiful heirloom brooch by using it to fasten a trendy scarf.  Of course, it’s not imperative to mix old with new, but you’ll definitely want to experiment with a creative mix of color, texture and style – and have some fun with it! Own your Look The secret to being on trend with your jewelry this holiday season is to be daring and unafraid – to be yourself.  Whether your personal style statement is simple and understated or bold and blingy... it’s your look.  Own it.  Add some shimmer.  And some shine.  (It is the season of good cheer, after all). And know that no other woman in the room will be making a statement quite like yours.