Scintillating Sapphires- The Birthstone of September

Scintillating Sapphires- The Birthstone Of September

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

The sapphire has been around for centuries, but its inclusion as September’s birthstone didn’t occur until 1912.  India associates the sapphire as the birthstone of August and with Tibetan beliefs the sapphire was the birthstone for May birthdays. There appears to be debate amongst astrologers as to which zodiac sign was paired with the sapphire. Some say Aries, some Taurus, and others maintain Virgo. Historically, Persians believed that the world sat upon a giant sapphire and that the sky was blue as a reflection of the giant gem. Within the Old Testament the sapphire is included on the breastplate to represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel as part of the sacred garments worn by Aaron and his sons to distinguish them as priests. Because the sapphire was considered a gem that helped grant clarity of thought and decision-making and as a representation of purity it was commonly included holy objects such as sceptres to be used by authorities in the Catholic Church. Here with Van Scoy Jewelry we have a beautiful 14K yellow gold Celtic cross pendant with delicate Celtic knot design and blue, star sapphire in the center. For those who practice gemstone therapy the sapphire is believed to bring a greater awareness of other’s thoughts and feelings. Other beliefs span a wide variety of healing abilities associated with the sapphire; curing cancer, infections, lowering fevers and even a way to remove poison.

If you have a 45th wedding anniversary coming up the sapphire is the traditional gift given in honor of that event. Also, the sapphire is considered a representation of friendship and loyalty in several cultures.

Van Scoy has many varieties of designer sapphire rings like this great example shown; a genuine sapphire and diamond, white gold ring that any woman would adore. Geologically speaking sapphires are found in metamorphic rock formed of Corundum (Aluminum Oxide) and encompass all the other colors found except that of red which is solely referred to as a ruby.  The most readily recognized color is the deep royal blue while the most coveted is cornflower blue. When sold as another color format such as green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, or purple they’ll be referred to as ‘fancy’ colored sapphires. While other gemstones allow for heavy polishing to display asterism (a reflected six-point star) it is most commonly recognized with sapphires as a star sapphire. While sapphires hold brilliant colors naturally it is still common for them to be heat-treated or even diffused with an application of chemicals and heat. According to the USGS gem-quality sapphires have been mined in the United States as early as 1865 and there are mining operations for both blue and fancy-colored sapphires in Montana, Missouri and North Carolina. In the rest of the world sapphires are found in China and South East Asia, India, Africa, Madagascar and Australia. Be advised-- it is reputed that the Kashmir Sapphires from the Indian Himalayas are the finest available, but the mine has not produced sapphires since the 1930s. Therefore if someone is claiming they have a Kashmir Sapphire for sale be sure you authenticate their claims. When it comes to being fancy Van Scoy Jewelry has your back, or in this case your ears, covered. These exquisite 14k rose gold-plated with genuine pink sapphires and diamond hoop earrings will add major pizzazz to any fashion ensemble. We hope whatever your reason for celebrating with sapphires you’ll visit Van Scoy on-line or in person. You won’t be disappointed.