Rings That Sparkle For Him And Her

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

My girlfriends are a little jealous about how excited my fiancé was to go shopping for diamond engagement rings. He made sure he knew exactly what I wanted (or as he put it, what I thought I wanted) and then visited several jewelry stores during a period of a few weeks. I’m sure he must have been exasperating to some of the sales associates, but his response was this was the only time he’d ever be shopping for diamond engagement rings, so he was going to be sure he got the perfect one. The ring he finally selected is another reason why my girlfriends are jealous.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Men's Diamond Engagement Rings Men's Diamond Engagement Rings[/caption] Naturally, he was just as excited about the thought of shopping for the wedding bands as well, but I told him he’d had enough excitement in jewelry stores for the time being. He did such a good job choosing from all the diamond engagement rings to find one that was perfect for me, I wanted the same opportunity. That was why I told him it would be my job to shop for our diamond wedding bands. He honestly was a little disappointed, but he could see the logic in my argument, and he even smiled when I told him not to worry, and that I knew what he thought he wanted in a wedding band. Shopping for diamond engagement rings is not something you do until it’s time, so I was surprised by how many different selections and styles there were to choose from. I almost didn’t know where to begin, but a sales associate came over and I told her what I was shopping for. She asked me a few questions about my fiancé and she also took a look at my engagement ring, and then she began to show me a few different wedding bands that might be a good fit. There were some diamond wedding bands that looked perfect with my ring but I didn’t think were his style, and others that would look great on him but didn’t match my ring. Quickly, though, I found the two diamond wedding bands that would be perfect, and I know he’ll be as excited about them as I am.