Protecting Your Fine Jewelry

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

There are a few people out there who have the compulsion to keep everything they own in tip-top shape. Most of us don’t have the time, the energy or the focus to do that, and inevitably, glasses break, chairs get ripped and computers give us the blue screen of death. The one thing I do own that I make sure I take extra good care of is all of my gold and diamond jewelry. In fact, I am so concerned about taking care of it, I don’t take care of it at all. I let the professionals do it.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Professional Jewelry Services at Vanscoy Diamonds Professional Jewelry Services at Vanscoy Diamonds[/caption] Jewelry is one of the few things that continues to grow in value after it’s been bought. Now, I don’t plan on ever selling any of it, and it’s not as if any of it was bought as an investment, but it is still important to have it taken care of on a regular basis for a couple of reasons. Much of what I own I would like to pass down to my children at some point, and I want to make sure it is still in pristine quality when I do. There are cleaning solutions to buy for use at home, but this is not like washing the dishes. One mistake might irreparably tarnish the jewelry, and I’m not willing to take that risk. That is why I enrolled in the jewelry cleaning services that my local jewelry store offers. They have been trained in the proper ways to clean all types of gold and diamond jewelry. They have the latest tools and products to make sure everything looks as good as it did the first day I bought it. They also examine each piece to make sure that nothing is wrong with any of the jewelry – loose settings, damaged clasps – and if there is, they can make the repairs. They also appraise my jewelry for me on a yearly basis, and that is important for my homeowner’s insurance. This way, if something unfortunate were to happen to my jewelry, my insurance would reimburse me for the total current value of the jewelry and not simply the purchase price. I may not be as fastidious as others when it comes to most things, but when it comes to my fine jewelry, I take no chances.