Pearl Jewelry: The World is Their Oyster

Pearl Jewelry: The World Is Their Oyster

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Pearl, with its mystical glow and luster, has been considered a gemstone for lovers since ancient times. Myths say Pearl is an important ingredient of the magical potion that makes two people fall in love. Pearl also symbolizes purity. This is why Pearl jewelry is a popular choice for bridal and groom jewelry at weddings. Reasons why you too should have your own collection of pearl jewelry. If you are Unique Pearls are the only gemstones that are extracted from living creatures. Natural pearls are extremely rare; only about 1 oyster in 10000 may hold a single natural pearl. They are actually rare, unlike a diamond that has been made rare in the market. A natural pearl is truly rare and beautiful. Easy on the Pocket Because of the scarcity of naturally occurring pearls, most pearls in the market today are cultured pearls. The price of pearls is reasonable because it is possible to culture real pearls. Pearl bracelets made from cultured pearl will be as classy as a pearl jewelry made with natural pearls. Cultured pearls, however, does not mean ‘artificial’ pearls. Cultured pearls grow the exact same way as natural ones. The insertion of a foreign object is performed by humans on captured oysters. So, you have real pearl at a much cheaper price than naturally occurring pearls. It is Traditional and Modern The Pearl culture process was first introduced in the 1920’s and marked the beginning of the ‘Pearl Craze’ among jewelry lovers. It is considered as traditional as gold and diamond. Chunky Pearl necklaces make quite the fashion statement you need at a wedding, at a religious event at home, at a formal cocktail party, and even on the dance floor. The Variety Depending on the inside of the oyster’s shell, a pearl can be of different colors such as white, pink, lilac, cream, grey, black, and gold. Since it is formed inside a living creature, each pearl has a distinct shape, surface and color. These little imperfections make each pearl unique. Symbolic value Always a symbol of sophistication and aristocracy, a pearl is considered to be the celebratory gemstone for the 3rd and 30th anniversaries. In terms of astrology, it is also the official birthstone for June. Apart from its unmatched glow and luster, these symbolic references are all the more reason for a pearl to be one of the most sought-after gemstones. The pearl collection at Van Scoy Diamonds is worth checking out.