Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls – Reviving A Classic Jewelry Element In Modern Fashion

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Perhaps one of the world’s oldest and most historically revered elements of personal adornment, pearls are a true fashion classic.  But a favorite trend in fall fashion this year is presenting this timeless jewelry element in a completely new light.  What once was elegant and subdued is now bold and brilliant, as pearls take center stage in every venue, from the red carpet all the way to the office.  And the key to taking this perennial fashion favorite and making a statement of your very own is all in how – and where – you choose to don these precious baubles that Mother Nature has given us to enjoy. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Pearls Reinvented Pearls Reinvented[/caption] The nature of this pearl revolution is clearly summed up in a statement in a recent article appearing on, in which renowned New York stylist, Micaela Erlanger, “…says the latest pearl extravaganza is focused on not reinventing, but reinterpreting the wheel.”⁽¹⁾ Gone are the days of your grandmother’s simple, yet elegant pearl strands.  But don’t get rid of them!  We’re just going to be wearing them differently from now on.  Being “ladylike” no longer limits us to the realm of the demure.  To be ladylike in today’s world means to be bold and daring; to make a statement when we walk into a room, to be ourselves… and that means wearing our pearls in any fashion that we like.  It’s a good time to be a woman in the fashion world, where bold is beautiful. So, while those classic strands of pearls are still a viable piece of your jewelry wardrobe, this fall fashion season is the perfect time to mix it up.  Layer those pearls with other dramatic elements like gold and silver necklaces.  Add a powerful pendant to your jewelry ensemble to make those pearls stand out.  Trade in your classic single pearl earrings for statement-making pearl cascades.  Embrace this age of fashion freedom and get creative with your jewelry to give this timeless fashion trend a modern twist, in a fashion statement that’s uniquely you. And this brilliant trend doesn’t stop with pearl jewelry. This fall’s fashion icons are showing off their pearls adorning everything from hats to footwear, and even fully pearled apparel, adding both bling and texture to every look.   1. Bateman, Kristen. “The Cool New Ways to Wear Pearls This Fall.” Allure. N.p., 12 Aug. 2016. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.