New Year… New You… New Jewelry!

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

So… how are those new year’s resolutions coming along?  With any luck – and some serious determination – you’re still on track toward accomplishing the goals you’ve set out to achieve for yourself in 2017.  Part of staying on track with our new year’s resolutions is to remember to reward ourselves for meeting all the little goals along the way that will, eventually, lead to the bigger goals we’ve established for our own self-improvement.  And do you know what makes a great reward for the new you in the new year?  Why, new jewelry, of course!   Why Jewelry?   There are many ways we can choose to reward ourselves for resolutions well stuck-to, but new jewelry is one of the best.  First of all, diamonds have no calories or fat… [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="132"]Diamond Gifts For YOU! Diamond Gifts For YOU![/caption] But seriously… how great is that new pair of diamonds stud earrings going to look on the new you?  Aside from just being a reward that will make you look and feel great, you’ll be brilliantly reminded of your accomplishments each and every time you wear them.   If your new year’s resolutions involve a change that saves you money each month, consider putting that money saved toward a bigger ticket jewelry item that you’ve perhaps had on your wish list for quite some time.  That long longed-for diamond tennis bracelet or statement pendent awaits…   Another wonderful and super-fun jewelry reward is the ever-trending charm bracelet.  What’s really great about this idea is that you can forever mark your accomplishments in a very personal and memorable fashion, choosing charms that are reflective of the accomplishment, itself, or the season, or a symbol of what this accomplishment meant to you, personally, when you achieved it.  A charm bracelet is a great way to collect memories, all while creating, piece by piece, a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that is reflective of your individual style, your personality, and your achievements.     Maybe you’ve set personal improvement goals.  Maybe you’re striving to advance your career in the new year.  Whatever you’ve resolved to improve about your life and circumstances in 2017, it has been statistically substantiated that by setting a series of smaller goals for yourself along the way – and celebrating those little milestones – leads to a greater success rate for seeing the process through to the finish line.  So not only is new jewelry a reward for goals met, it’s also a motivator to keep you moving toward success in your 2017 resolutions!