For Life's Many Journeys, the Diamond Journey Pendant

For Life's Many Journeys, The Diamond Journey Pendant

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

[caption id="attachment_514" align="alignnone" width="527"] For her next journey...[/caption] From the day we enter the world, we are launched into a series of journeys that will define us. Some more memorable than others, some more joyous. A Journey Pendant can represent a passage into which you are just entering, just leaving, or still experiencing. The first holiday you and she spend together - you meet her parents, discover the mutual interests that make you a couple. For the person you’re growing close to, the gift of a Journey Pendant tells her you’re walking the same road together.  She’ll wear it close to her heart, a beautiful and personal reminder of the path that lies ahead. For the sister with whom you’ve shared everything, sometimes willingly, who is heading off to college – or maybe just to her first apartment, a journey pendant from you can trigger a thousand reminisces from journeys past with the person who knows her best – you. Your journeys, too, can become new journeys for those you love. Once you’re grown and ready to head out on your own – whether to join the traveling circus of your childhood fantasies, or to marry the girl or boy of your childhood dreams, mom is facing a journey of her own. Her life is as new as yours, for very different reasons. The right journey pendant will be a lovely celebration of the amazing child she raised, and of her new found independence. Maybe you’ll soon be receiving photo downloads from her iPhone, as she's hiking the foothills of the Kilimanjaro, her journey pendant a constant talisman on her latest life excursions. There’s always a journey in life – whether we’re entering one, emerging from another, or still traveling, a journey pendant makes a wonderful gift for whatever road she may be taking. It’s a very special way to remind her how much you care. VanScoy Diamonds has a varied selection of conflict-free diamond journey pendants, so there’s something beautiful for every woman. From the magnificent diamond spiral in white gold, to the three-stone drop with snakeskin chain, there may even be a pendant for every journey.