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March Madness for Aquamarine

The holidays have been over for a while, but winter refuses to give us a break from all this cold weather. It’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning, swimsuit season, and summer fashion. It’s hard to get excited about sunshine and beaches when there’s a blanket of snow and ice on your front yard. This is the perfect time to get yourself a gift, a little pick-me-up as you plow (literally) through what’s hopefully the home stretch of an epic winter season. Van Scoy’s wide selection of Hot Deals Under $300 will get you on your way to feeling warm and sunny!

You can never go wrong with a classic: yellow or white gold hoop earrings are a hot commodity right now, as you can see with Selena Gomez’s large hoops, but they’re also as timeless as a crisp white oxford shirt with black dress trousers and gorgeous simple black pumps. Or a sweater set with a sweet pencil skirt and kitten heels. As you’re heading out the door in a white t-shirt and dark jeans, throw on a black blazer and flats, put on a pair of gold hoop earrings, and you go from frumpy to fabulous, effortlessly. Hoop earrings are a wardrobe staple. If you don’t have a pair, grab one now and you’ll wear them for the rest of your life. Van Scoy has a great selection of sizes to choose from, and at under $300, they’re as friendly to your budget as they are to your wardrobe.

As the temps go from bitter to beautiful, your shirt sleeves will move from wrist to elbow length. Shorter sleeve shirts beg for a smart statement bracelet that adds an eclectic touch to a conservative sheath dress, or your favorite cardigan. Go with the rose gold as pictured below for a truly unique flair.

Right now, geometric gold jewelry is all the rage. Van Scoy’s Hot Deals include these freeform gold oval earrings, very much like what we’re seeing celebrities wearing right now. Also on special is the extremely popular sideways gold cross seen on famous necks as well. Happy shopping, and cheers to a golden spring!

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