Making Your Diamond Engagement Ring One Of A Kind

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

My girlfriend and I do what we can to be responsible people, especially when it comes to money. Our friends describe both of our tastes in clothing as “eclectic” and we pride ourselves on doing most of our shopping at thrift stores and vintage marts. We buy a lot of our home decorations from such stores and she has even found some of her favorite vintage fine jewelry at these stores.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Halo Collection by True Romance The Halo Collection by True Romance[/caption] The one piece of jewelry that has been hard to find, however, has been diamond engagement rings. Trust me, I’ve been looking. I have probably spent the last six months crisscrossing the area, going to every consignment store and estate auction I can find. I’m certainly finding a few here and there, but vintage engagement rings tend to be the most sought after items. Many families pass them down from generation to generation, and the ones that make it to market tend to command pretty high prices. Finally, the few I’ve seen that I could afford aren’t the style I know she would really like. I was talking this over with one of my coworkers last week when he suggested I go talk to his jeweler. Turns out that at the jewelry store he goes to, there are artisans there that create handmade jewelry. This custom designed jewelry can be made for just about the same price that the engagement rings and other fine jewelry they have on display cost, and the possibilities are basically endless. I went down a few days ago, complete with several different pictures of what I was looking for. He took a look at the pictures, asked me a few questions about the precious metal she would prefer and just as importantly, what sized budget I was working with. In just a few minutes, with the help of his computer design program, he created a three dimensional model of the exact ring I knew she would love. It looks exactly like something from one hundred years ago, and it ended up costing less than I planned on spending. But if my girlfriend asks, I’m not going to let her know it was that easy to get her the vintage diamond engagement ring of her dreams.