Make Your Wedding Jewelry A Matched Set

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

It isn’t that I don’t trust my boyfriend to go shopping, it’s just that I’ve seen some of the gifts he’s bought me before. Most of them reflect his rather odd sense of humor, and while it is okay when he comes home from the grocery store with some food I’ve never heard of, I was a little nervous when we started talking about diamond engagement rings. Most of me trusted him enough to do the right thing, but enough of me was nervous so I decided to sit him down one night.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"]A. Jaffe Engagement Rings at Vanscoy Diamonds A. Jaffe Engagement Rings at Vanscoy Diamonds[/caption] Turns out he was happy that I did. He had been looking at a lot of different rings and he said he actually felt a little paralyzed when it came to making a decision. As he put it, he wasn’t worried about what the ring meant – we had talked enough about marriage that he knew I was going to say yes – but more about the fact I would be wearing it every day and he was afraid he’d buy something that I would eventually grow to hate. He knew this wasn’t just something he could buy because it made him laugh. We made plans to go to the jewelry store that weekend to look at all the different options that we had. The sales associate assured us that we were not the first couple to come in together to buy their diamond engagement rings. And then she told us something I hadn’t thought of: many of those couples actually buy all three rings – engagement ring as well as the wedding bands at the same time. Immediately, that sounded like a great idea to both of us. For me, it meant one less thing we would have to worry about as our wedding got closer, and for my boyfriend, it meant one less chance to buy me the wrong ring. What made it an easy decision was that there were so many different sets to choose from, we didn’t feel like we had to sacrifice what we were looking for in the diamond engagement ring. We got three rings that were absolutely beautiful, and my boyfriend got to relax. But don’t get me wrong. I’m still a little nervous when I send him out to do the shopping.