Looking For the Perfect Wedding Bands

Looking For The Perfect Wedding Bands

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

You have selected the venue of the wedding, the photographer and the DJ is checked off the list. Now, you have to look for your wedding bands. Wedding Bands

Match It with Your Engagement Ring

Bridal designers know it can be a challenge putting a wedding together, so looking for a perfect wedding band to match the engagement ring will be exciting. The best place to begin is by calling your local jewelry store in High Point NC, Jamestown, Winston Salem, Lexington, Burlington, Kernersville, Thomasville, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Reidsville, and Asheboro, North Carolina or stops by and asks them if they have a wedding band that matches your ring. You can customize your band if the wedding band is not, want you were looking for. For instance, if your band is a simple one without diamonds, some designers could design it with diamonds.

 Width of the Wedding Band

There are a couple of things to consider in terms of the width of the band. What is the engagement ring’s width? You could want to have a wedding band thicker in width than the engagement ring. You can even have a band the same width or a bit smaller than the ring. Are your fingers long or short? If your fingers are long, then you could wear wider bands, than someone with short fingers. You would not want your finger to look overloaded unless your diamond is big.
Type of Metal
You will know a little bit about the type of metal based on the engagement ring. However, there are a few metal types you can choose for your contour wedding bands. Platinum It is one of the rarest and attractive metals perfect for wedding bands. The beauty lies in platinum’s natural gray white color. It’s color accurately and complements all skin tones. Gold Gold is resistant to rusting and erosion and will sustain its natural, shiny and yellow color. Palladium Palladium is hard, natural and pure amongst the other alloys and a part of the platinum family. It is a metal people dream of having their rings. Diamonds or Gemstone Whether you want a diamond or gemstone, it is your personal preference. For example, you could an emerald band for your fifth or tenth anniversary. The wedding band could complement your diamond engagement ring. With all the choices in metals, width and diamond or gemstones, you could have a challenge choosing the perfect wedding band. If you still want to know about the band, contact Van Scoy Diamonds.