Let It Glow! Let It Glow! Let It Glow!

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

…and sparkle, and shine, and dazzle and delight!  What are we talking about?  Why, your holiday jewelry, of course!  Not to mention the wearer of said jewelry.  And the holidays are close enough now that you’ve probably already figured out what you’ll be wearing to this party or that (if not, it’s time to get busy!)  The beautiful thing about holiday fashion is that jewelry is at the forefront, making it easy to create stunning looks with very little effort.  The same outfit can be transformed from casual to elegant with the simple addition of some well thought out accessories. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="253"]IReiss Diamond Pendant IReisse Diamond Pendant[/caption] What are you doing New Year’s Eve???   Maybe you plan to ring in the new year at home with family and friends, or maybe you’re planning a big night on the town with lots of glitter and glam.  For either extreme – and anywhere in between – this is the one night of the year when we’re free (and encouraged) to be as bold and blingy as we want to be.  So, even if you’ve got a more subdued evening planned to welcome 2017, be sure to take advantage of the occasion and bring your best and brightest self to the party with your most dazzling New Year’s Eve jewelry!   What to wear…   For more casual New Year’s events, your outfit may be subdued, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enchant the room with dazzling sparkle and shine.  A monochromatic color scheme is easily dressed up by adding layers of texture with your jewelry.  Layered necklaces add interest to your overall look, while bold statement pieces such as a signature pendant or creatively stacked rings and bracelets add that “wow factor” that will turn every head in the room.  Don’t forget some fun and flashy earrings for that extra pop of glam!   For a more formal evening of dinner and dancing and champagne toasts, this characteristically dim and demure ambience is your time to shine!  Focus on jewelry pieces that will refract all available light (diamonds, anyone?) and you’ll be the most sparkly guest in the room.  Diamonds and colored semi-precious gemstones are ideal in this kind of atmosphere, as are highly shined precious metals such as white gold or silver – especially when worn as a larger statement piece (think chunky hammered bracelets or shoulder-kissing drop earrings).   However you plan to spend this holiday, be bold, be daring, be dazzling… and Happy New Year! Save