Keeping Your Jewelry Forever

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Something disappointing that happens to most people is when their favorite piece of jewelry breaks. When there is clothing that rips or is outgrown, it can be turned into rags or sold at a tag sale or donated to Goodwill. Jewelry is far too valuable for such an inglorious end. Depending on how old the jewelry may be, and if it is diamond jewelry especially, it may be worth several times what it originally cost. There is always the option of getting cash for gold and using that money to buy something new, but part of the allure of jewelry is the sentimental value. A diamond necklace passed down from a grandmother is not the type of thing a person can easily get rid of.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Rhythm Of Love Pendant Rhythm Of Love Pendant[/caption] This was exactly the dilemma my wife and I faced when we were going through my late mother-in-law’s possessions. She had several pieces of beautiful jewelry that had been broken and neglected over the years. Some of the pieces my wife had remembered her wearing and always loved, and now I could see her getting teary eyed thinking they were useless. Not knowing how, I told her that we would get them fixed. Ever since buying my engagement ring fifteen years earlier from them, I had come to trust my local jewelry store, so one day I stopped by with a piece of my mother-in-law’s jewelry in hand. It was a diamond necklace with a broken clasp and a loose stone. I showed it to the sales associate and asked, without much hope, if anything could be done. She disappeared for a minute and returned with a technician. He took one look at it and asked if I had ten minutes or so to wait while he fixed it. I explained that I did, but I didn’t think the necklace had come from that store. He told me it didn’t matter and went back into his shop. Sure enough, ten minutes later he came back with the clasp fixed, the stone set, and the entire piece cleaned and polished like it was brand new. During the time he’d been fixing it, I explained to the sales associate about the jewelry, and she was nice enough to box it up and wrap it as a gift. That night, my mother-in-law’s diamond jewelry brought tears to my wife’s eyes again.