Jewelry Repair Services: Grandma's Brooch

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

She meant the world to you. When your grandmother passed, you inherited the lovely diamond and gemstone brooch she wore to church each and every Sunday. Of all of your jewelry, it is the most valued piece you own and you would proudly wear it, but it has seen better days. There are several loose stones and the clasp is broken so you don't dare try. You would be crushed to lose a stone or, God forbid, the brooch itself. What can you do? Simple, contact your local jewelry store about the jewelry repair services it offers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="875"]VanScoy Professional Jewelry Services VanScoy Professional Jewelry Services[/caption] Most professional jewelers are capable of repairing nearly any type of jewelry, including replacing clasps, tightening settings and more. Jewelry repair services have been used to breathe new life into old, tired jewelry, so why not give Grandma's brooch a tune up with jewelry repair services?   While most jewelry stores offer jewelry repair services, not all of them do the repairs on site. Generally, the cookie cutter jewelry stores you can find in every mall in America will send your grandmother's brooch to another location for the repairs whereas a locally owned jeweler is very likely to perform the jewelry repair services in the back room of his shop, keeping your valuables near. As you shop around for the right place to repair the jewelry, be sure to ask if the jewelry repair services are performed in the store or elsewhere. If it's important to you that it not be shipped anywhere, a locally owned jeweler is much more likely to fit the bill. Not to mention, some of the more reputable jewelers in your area may be able to perform the repairs while you wait!   In addition to jewelry repair services, the jeweler is likely to offer free appraisals of your jewelry. You might check into having your grandmother's brooch appraised for insurance purposes while the repairs are performed. Any jewelry of value can be insured through your homeowners insurance but a little extra on jewelry is always advisable. Often, homeowners insurance doesn't cover lost stones or damage to jewelry, only the loss of it through theft or catastrophic loss. Talk with your jeweler about insuring your grandmother's brooch and the rest of your valuable fine jewelry. It's also advised to schedule regular jewelry repair services and cleanings to keep Grandma's brooch and all of your fine jewelry looking its best.