Jewelry Repair Services And Insurance: Protect Your Investments

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

When you buy a car, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy a home, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy fine jewelry, do you buy insurance to protect your investment? You should. While many fine jewelry buyers neglect to insure their purchases, many more realize the value of the jewelry, especially wedding sets and engagement rings, and insure their fine jewelry. It's a simple process and pays off in dividends if anything was ever to happen to your precious jewelry. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="255"]Two Stone Diamond Rings Two Stone Diamond Rings[/caption] Of course, to insure your fine jewelry properly, you will want to have an annual, if not bi-annual, appraisal by a professional jeweler. In addition, regularly scheduled maintenance is a must for properly insured pieces. Jewelry repair services are available at most quality jewelry stores and include simple preventative maintenance to insure your stone or stones are safe in their mount. Jewelers are highly trained and skilled artisans with an eye for a cracked prong or loose diamond. Your engagement ring is your most valued possession and it would be heartbreaking to lose a stone. Your jeweler and proper jewelry repair services will insure that is not an issue.   Jewelry repair services include more than just maintaining your wedding rings. Many jewelers offer time piece repair and maintenance and can keep your fine watches and clocks in tip-top time keeping shape. Your grandfather's old stopwatch that hasn't ticked or tocked for nearly three decades can be rebuilt or repaired to keep time as well as ever. Some jewelry stores can do clock work also, although clock repair is not as common in a large percentage of jewelry repair services.   You might be surprised at how much sparkle you can bring to your tired old jewelry through jewelry repair services. A jeweler can replace a necklace clasp or a watchband in a matter of minutes. Give that old serpentine choker a good professional cleaning and remember just how cute it looks! Not only can jewelers help provide peace of mind regarding your valuable fine jewelry, they may well be able to breathe some life back into the jewelry you thought was too old, too dirty and too broken to ever wear again. A professional cleaning, a new clasp or two and suddenly your collection has grown, thanks to jewelry repair services.