Jewelry Repair Services: A Hidden Gem For Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

As you struggle to decide on the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, think about this: Fine jewelry repair. What?? I hear you. It doesn't sound like a great idea right off the bat but let's examine that option just a little closer. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Vanscoy Diamonds Fine Jewelers Vanscoy Diamonds Fine Jewelers[/caption] Nearly every woman on the planet has a favorite piece of fine jewelry that is no longer wearable. Maybe there is a broken clasp on her favorite necklace or bracelet, maybe her best diamond right hand ring has a broken or cracked prong risking loss of the stone or the brooch that was passed down from her great grandmother, the one your woman wore constantly when you first met her, is missing a gemstone and hasn't been worn for years. How thrilled would she be to receive a revived piece, repaired good as new, as a Valentine's Day gift? The answer is “very.”   As a college graduation gift, your husband received an heirloom time piece, a pocket watch passed from generation to generation in his family for nearly 150 years. For the past two generations, the watch hasn't ticked once. Most jewelers who offer jewelry repair services often include watch repair in those services. Imagine the look on your man's face as he hears the steady tick and tock of his fully functional heirloom antique pocket watch. Oh, the stories that watch could tell!   Now, jewelry repair services as a Valentine's Day gift idea doesn't seem so silly, does it? You need to be aware that jewelry repair, depending on the piece you are having repaired, can take a week or more. Be careful to allow enough time for the piece to be completed by the time Valentine's Day rolls around. Watches, both antique and not, can require the jeweler to order specific mechanisms or parts that aren't readily available, so if you're planning to resurrect an heirloom time piece, make sure you have allowed adequate time to pull off the surprise. On the same note, replacing a clasp or tightening a prong in a setting, is a job that most jewelers can perform while you wait.   Valentine's Day is the celebration of love, special and true. Why not make sure that your Valentine's Day gift idea is as unique and precious as the one who stole your heart? Jewelry repair services...Good idea.