Here Comes The Sun

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

“Here comes the sun…Here comes the sun and I say, It's all right…” The Beatles knew the power of such a simple song; the summer months elicit a carefree feeling of happiness in many people as visions of beaches, fireworks and barbecues fill our minds. If your beloved was born during the summer, she may invoke those same feelings in you every time you see her. So why not celebrate her shining aura with a jeweled gift that takes her special day in mind. Birthstones have been around a long time and have carried with them all sorts of beliefs and legends. Many believe that birthstones give the wearer power and that they heal physical or mental ailments. Also connected to the zodiac, it is believed that wearing your own birthstone can bring you luck. Wearing a jewel that is your birthstone allows you to wear a piece that has symbolic, or maybe even sacred, meaning. And birthstones they tell us we’re as rare and beautiful as the gems we wear. In this third of four part series on birthstones, we will give you a few details and ideas on gifts for summer birthdays. Here at Van Scoy Diamonds, we make it easy for you to match your enchanted with a birthstone that’s just right for them. June/Gemini– Pearl Who comes with summer to this earth, And owes to June her hour of birth, With ring of pearl on her hand Can health, wealth, and long life command. The pearl is a symbol of purity and innocence. July/Cancer – Ruby The glowing ruby shall adorn, Those who in July are born; Then they'll be exempt and free From love's doubts and anxiety. A stone filled with love, Ruby is believed to help your relationships, with others as well as yourself. For that special someone in your life, Van Scoy Diamonds can help you find a high-quality gem that matches her or his month of birth…just in time for the holidays.