Have Her Heart Skip a Beat

Have Her Heart Skip A Beat

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Ever listen to the song by Diamond Rio called 'Unbelievable?' It describes the overwhelming feelings evoked by an incredible woman.
Elegant, intelligent, heaven sent… She's so beautiful, it's indisputable, it's undeniable, she's got-to-havable She's music to my ears, and makes my heart sing, so kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable!
If that describes the woman in your life then you absolutely have to check out the latest in jewelry designs available this fall in time for the holiday season at Van Scoy.  It’s called the Rhythm of Love which are jewelry pieces like you’ve never seen before; pendants and earrings that are delicately set in order to carefully balance the center diamond so that it is sensitive to the faintest of movements—your love’s heartbeat. If you’ve ever shopped for jewelry and thought, ‘Ho-hum, just like every other jewelry piece I see women wearing.’ You’ll not be stymied with that attitude here. Perpetual motion previously belonged to watch makers, but now is a claim made by what is sure to become the centerpiece of her jewelry collection. Have you watched a woman try on a diamond ring or necklace?  What is the first thing she does? Turn it about to see how the light catches the diamond—looking for that flash and sparkle that indicates the hidden fire brought out by the cut of the gem. With Rhythm of Love she won’t have to do that, she’ll just stand there with the diamond dancing to capture the light; reflecting dazzling sparkles as if it were invented by Archimedes. And, because this design is so new, she won’t see it every time she turns around on other women. Not everyone woman needs to be at the fashion forefront, but every woman loves to hear how exquisite her jewelry is and these pieces are sure to draw compliments for their beauty and uniqueness. The design is revolutionary while maintaining a classic look, thereby ensuring that she’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come and not look dated or trendy. Here is a sample visual, brought to you by Van Scoy, of the scintillating sparkle captured by these pieces, gorgeous drop earrings and tear drop shaped pendant.

If that still hasn’t caught your attention watch this video, we know you’ll be impressed by both the revolutionary concept and the beautiful look of this jewelry. Van Scoy is where the Triad goes to find the best in jewelry services and styles. Call our store 1-888-317-4682 for more information on the Rhythm of Love design, review our finance and six month layaway options, and even see our free shipping to give the woman who holds your heart a jewelry piece that will capture hers forever.