Happy November Birthdays Under A Citrine Sun

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

…'Let me be free as the glassy river; impossible to outrun; Beneath the dome of an aquamarine sky, under a citrine sun.' 'Let me dance on a carpet of emerald grass; my rainbow skirt will blow with the breeze; I'll pick every blossom of ruby and pearl, and climb every peridot tree.' 'Let me be free as the glassy river; impossible to outrun; Beneath the dome of an aquamarine sky, under a citrine sun.'…
That was an excerpt from Ruth Warren’s poem, Under a Citrine Sun, and does a fantastic job of painting a picture of words for the world around us and yet to come. With November birthdays upon us Van Scoy Jewelers brings some highlights regarding the magnificent November birthstone, Citrine. Citrine is a form of quartz, often referred to as lemon-quartz.  However, Citrine is much rarer in its natural state, usually mined only in Brazil. It is usually found in quartz veins. The oxidation of this iron is what gives the Citrine its yellow or yellow orange color. It should be noted that Citrine is chemically associated with Amethyst so closely that the majority of commercial Citrine comes from irradiating Amethyst to alter its color. Some cultures and alternative beliefs hold Citrine as being lucky for merchants. Some people put a citrine in the cash drawer to bring them luck. People, who believe that crystals have healing abilities use citrine to improve self esteem, protect against the negative energy of others, open their mind to new insights and promote clarity of thought. Other physical improvements can be gained with Citrine to improve digestion, and aid in healing from toxins that have built up in a person’s system. For those who practice the art of Chakra, belief that there are points in the human body that are centers of life force or vital energy, the Citrine is represented in the third chakra point of the solar plexus. Van Scoy carries a fantastic collection of Citrine bedecked items. A favorite is this gorgeous 14 ky, yellow gold, genuine Citrine with diamond accent cocktail ring. Another fantastic example of the warmth of citrine is found with this genuine Citrine and Madeira Citrine, 14 ky yellow gold drop pendant.  Madeira Citrine derives its name from the wine of the same color and represents the darker amber found in the Citrine color spectrum. With Van Scoy, our goal is to provide you with excellent selection, service and expertise. Our staff is expertly trained and qualified to answer many questions you may have. We hope this has brought you some interesting insights for November’s birthstone and given you ideas for that special lady in your life. Use the Van Scoy search option for more gift-giving ideas and thank you for allowing Van Scoy to be a part of your special occasions.