Get Trendy Ideas About Wedding Rings

Get Trendy Ideas About Wedding Rings

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

When you want to get your girl or fiancé with that perfect wedding ring, these are trend-setting ideas and tips you keep a track of. Here they are:

Get her sizing measurements done

You would definitely have flooding ideas on the type of metal, design, setting and manner in which the stones have to be arranged across the wedding band. But first and the foremost step before ordering perfect wedding rings is, you need to have her sizing measurements done. If both of you are shopping together, you can ask your lady-love to let the jeweler take her finger ring measurements. Else you can try taking cues from her best friend or a trusted family member who can help you get her ring or help you with the exact sizing measurements. Most of the online stores offer a free sizing chart with which you can determine the size accurately. Measure Ring Size

Should wedding bands and engagement rings match?

The engagement bands and wedding rings need not go hand in hand. If you want a designer contour for your engagement day, it is better you keep your wedding band simple. Too heavy detailing for Engagement band and wedding ring can make the jewelry look over-made. Else if you prefer wearing the Engagement band on your left and wedding band across your right hand, choosing rings with grandeur makes absolute sense. 14k-white-16-ctw-diamond-band-sku-60048-209919-p

Decide on the budget

You can decide free-styling options or customize designs keeping the budget in mind. Say if you want an all diamond ring with a posh platinum finish, you definitely know that the wedding ring is going to cost you the moon. You can have a standardized 14K white gold and add a dazzle of diamonds with a twisted metal detailing to .lend yourself a ring that comes within the $2000 budget. You can surf online sites to know color, size and design of wedding rings, before you zero in on one that highly appeals your choice. Van Scoy Diamonds deals with customized designs on bridal jewelry out there. The banner also deals with bracelets, pendants, necklaces, ear studs and family jewelry. To get a sneak-peek of their wonderful designs online, log on to