Fine Filigree for a Winter Festival

Fine Filigree For A Winter Festival

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Van Scoy Diamonds is giving you one last reminder that that there is only one week until Christmas. As such we want to inspire you with some very specific diamond pendant necklace designs. But, in case you missed it, we've also featured diamond rings, diamond stud earrings, pearls, and diamond bracelets. The roaring 20's was brought about through major economic changes where the nation's wealth as a whole doubled between 1920-1929. Growth was very fast paced and as a result many people found the transition awkward. The racy, carefree motif of dancing and good times cultivated a gap in culture. Much as in the 70's where conservatives referred to those in the counter-culture as 'hippies,' there were similar terms for those who embraced this new decade of decadence. The term 'flapper' was associated with women who wore the fringe dresses and headbands low on their forehead and was actually a derogatory term associated with young ducks that don't have their flight feathers, yet flap their wings mightily to take off. Likely this arose from gender bias against women who actively and passively embraced new social expectations for their sex; arguably the most important being the right to vote in 1920. While many don't realize that The Great Gatsby is a criticism of what was perceived as a materialistic pursuits for the time, if you have seen the movie than you will recognize the art deco styling that we'll be featuring today. The art deco movement came about from the 20's and 30's where the ability to manufacture jewelry was simplified and the barriers between artists and craftsman were broken down. Scroll work featuring designs from nature and geometric shapes became prevalent. Technical mastery became as valued as the material of metal and gems themselves. One of the major benefits of the art deco styles is that smaller diamonds could appear larger with the cut and polish of the metal. This allowed those of a lower socioeconomic classes, not just someone from a wealthy family such as J.P. Morgan or Andrew Carnegie, to purchase jewelry that would still look stunning. Pictured here for example; on the left a 1920's Tiffany and Co. created, intricate diamond cut and filigree, white-gold, art deco ring holding a 1.25 carat center diamond.  On the right a sterling-silver setting featuring both the geometric hexagon and ivy filigree motif  with an old European, miner-cut diamond, circa 1920's. As you can see the culture and history is rich and Van Scoy Diamonds is pleased to have several diamond pendants that embrace this revolutionary, artistic period. These beautiful, white-gold, filagree diamond pendants and slides are just a small sample of the fashion pieces that Van Scoy Diamonds carries. You can view more here to help you find that 'just right' piece that will make this Christmas one she'll never forget.