FAQ's About Buying a Diamond Ring Online

FAQ's About Buying A Diamond Ring Online

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

The most common dilemma faced by the to-be bride or groom is, should I buy engagement rings online or from a traditional jewelry store? When you are a complete novice at buying a diamond ring, the situation can become quite perplexing. You may have doubts about whether purchasing a diamond ring online is safe? If it will be cheap or expensive compared to a retail store?

Should I Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

To answer all your doubts and questions about purchasing diamond engagement rings online, below are frequently asked questions with prompt answers.

1 – Is It Safe To Buy A Diamond Ring Online?

Buy a diamond online can be intimidating for many, but purchasing from a reputable online store is always safe. Online stores have sharp imagery that allows you to see the diamond in great detail before buying.

Also, shipping from online stores is secure. They ensure that the box doesn't get tampered on its way to you. Also, they provide insurance for shipping packages. They will either require your signature at your home for dropping off the package or ship it to a FedEx location for safety.

Reliable online vendors provide certifications for diamonds that proves the authenticity of your purchase. GIA and AGS are US based and most trusted laboratories worldwide.

2 – Can I Save Money By Buying A Diamond Ring Online?

Yes, you can save from 20% to 50% when you shop diamond rings online. That's because online stores do not incur overhead like a traditional jewelry store. Online stores need not stock up inventory, lighting fixtures, and display cases. Selling and distribution of diamonds take place differently from physical stores. Since the online vendor has an extensive collection of diamond rings, they get a discount from the supplier.

All such saving gets passed on to customers and that why buying a diamond ring from your nearest jewelry store in Greensboro NC, High Point, Jamestown, Winston Salem, Lexington, Burlington, Kernersville, Thomasville, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Reidsville, and Asheboro, North Carolina, etc; is reasonably cost-effective. 

3 – What If The Ring Doesn't Fit, Or I Don't Like It?

Online jewelry vendors offer various options to ensure that you receive the correct size ring. They will provide either a downloadable guide about ring sizes or send you a ring size measurement kit for free. And if you still end up buying the wrong ring, then there is an option of resizing till one year from the purchase. 

Whether you're buying diamond wedding rings for men or diamond engagement rings for womenif you don't like the ring, then you can return it. Most online stores offer 30 days of the trouble-free return policy. That means however expensive ring you may buy if you don't like it then you are entitled to receive a full refund.

4 – Do I Have Enough Options While Shopping Diamond Ring Online?

Yes, you will have thousands of diamonds rings available to choose from when you're shopping online, because – 

  • You can access online stores across the globe, which gives you a ton of variety. 
  • Online stores offer filters to find you a diamond bridal ring designs or styles of your preference. You can search for a specific size, shape, color, cut, etc. and results will present lots of rings in front of you in a dash.
  • You can also have a custom-made engagement ring. You can buy a diamond and a setting separately and club them together to have a personalized ring. 

Also, you don't have a salesperson hovering around you when you are buying a diamond ring online. You can take as much time you want to make a decision. Online stores also offer chat support if you need their help during your purchase.   

To Conclude 

Buying a diamond ring for your engagement is a special experience. You would undoubtedly want to purchase the best diamond ring for your fiancée. The questions and answers mentioned above will surely help you accomplish buying the right diamond ring online.