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Famous Diamonds

Diamonds are the most incredible of all natural gemstones, and the industry has been booming for decades. There is no end to mankind’s love of diamonds, whether they are set into scepters, encrusted into sword handles, or delicately accenting an engagement ring. These are stunning and one-of-a-kind aesthetic experiences. The largest diamonds in the world have been instilled in public imagination, continuing to inspire amazing feats in fine jewelry creation and appreciation. Here is a brief tour of some of the world’s largest and most famous fine diamonds, whether rough or cut. From mines to royalty to Papal blessings, many of them have fascinating histories before being purchased by their final or current owner.

Vanscoy Diamonds - Choose Your Diamond
Vanscoy Diamonds – Choose Your Diamond

The Jonker, founded in 1934 by Johannes Jacobus Jonker, was cut into thirteen smaller gemstones. However, Jonker I – the largest of those gemstones – still stands as one of the largest diamonds in the world. It weighs in at 142.9 carats, and could be worth over $3 million dollars.

Jubilee was discovered in 1985 and is currently owned by the Royal Family of Thailand. It is valued at $4-$14 million dollars, and has been blessed by Pope John Paul II. The weight of this beauty is 545.67 carats. It is the largest finished diamond in the world.

The Millenium Star weighed in at 203.04 carats when it was discovered in 1990. It is one of the largest colorless and flawless diamonds in the world. This gem is valued at more than $160 million dollars and is currently owned by the Dee Beers diamond industry controlling company.

The Star of Sierra Leone is a 1982 discovery that has been crafted into 17 near perfect diamonds. Many of those smaller gems were placed into a brooch. One rare characteristic is that it has a perfect chemical purity; it is a type IIa diamond. Only 1% of diamonds can be considered IIa types! It was purchased for $2.5 million dollars.

There are all kinds of incredible diamonds out there; too many to name in one article. Hopefully, this brief tour of some of the world’s most fascinating and famous fine diamonds has inspired you! Who knows when the next big diamond discovery will be made, what it will be used for, or where it will call home? The diamond mining and fine jewelry industry continues to be a source of innovative design work and craftsmanship.

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