Empty Nesters

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Mom and Dad, the time has come for you to once again embrace the life you knew 18+ years ago. The life where you were able to eat out any night of the week without worrying about your children throwing tantrums, and the life in which your weeknights and weekends didn’t revolve around sports practices and games. Parents, your children are growing up and graduating, and it’s time for you to… Party! Van Scoy Diamonds is thrilled to help accessorize you for this next phase of your life, so we ask that you put your tissues away and get ready to shine! Mom, for the past 12 years plus, you’ve been the owner and operator of “There She Goes” taxi service, catering to all the travel needs of your athletes, musicians and various club members. When was the last time you were able to drive anywhere alone, besides the grocery store? We challenge you to adorn this 14K white gold and diamond key pendant as you begin your journey onwards and upwards. Your chauffeuring days are over, and now’s the time to meet your long-neglected friends for lunch or spend a day relaxing at the spa. It’s your time now, so make the most of it! Speaking of time, Dad it’s your time too! Although you will miss the hours of baseball practice and weekend tailgating sessions, you can break out the golf clubs you haven’t touched since your own college years. This watch will make you’re in time for dinner with the misses, and that you even have time to pick up flowers beforehand! Yes, we know you will miss your sons and daughters when they are gone, but remember that he or she will be back in just a couple short months for Thanksgiving… And remember how many times you’ve wanted to ring her neck over the past 18 years. Whether it was because her Barbie’s hair got tangled in the vacuum, or she pampered your dog with your best makeup and perfume, we know they are memories you smile and frown about at the same time. Now, however, instead of ringing her neck, you can put a new ring on your finger. While she goes off proudly wearing her class ring, you can wear your ring of accomplishment as well. Call it your, “I did it! I successfully raised my child to the age of eighteen!” ring! You have every reason to be proud, and Van Scoy Diamonds is thrilled to be able to help you display your accomplishments.