Easy to Follow Tips on How to Care for Your Diamond Jewelry

Easy To Follow Tips On How To Care For Your Diamond Jewelry

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

As a matter of fact, diamond is the hardest stone, one sees on the planet. But the glitter and sheen, of the coveted stone, depends on how much you care, to maintain the same. Diamonds need thorough cleaning from time to time. Caring for your diamond jewelry is made simpler with these exclusive tips. Here we go: Precautions on how to keep your diamonds in a safe
  • It is not a wise idea to put your diamond jewels inside the case where you have gold, silver or pearl jewelry. As putting your exclusive diamond jewels in cases filled with other forms of jewelry can cause scratches to the stones. You need to put each and every jewel piece in separate pouches. You can also place the jewels inside soft paper tissues before you put these away into the jewelry holder or case.
  • In case you are using a jewel safe or a compartment, make sure, it has a fabricated lining inside. The soft fabric prevents the prongs from getting loosened and also makes sure the other settings are intact.
  • You need to have your diamond jewels examined by a professional jeweler who will look at the sets and suggest whether any minor repairs are to be done. Or if stones have to be replaced. You can do this either once a year or every 6 months.
Now, we are going to have a step by step look, at how diamond jewelry can be cleaned at home. Ammonium based cleaner You must be cleaning your window sills with a gentle-touch ammonium based cleanser. You can take the same cleaning solution to clean your diamond jewelry, as well. Soak the jewels inside the solution overnight. This cleaning procedure is taken up once or twice, weekly. Any oil or grease that is present on the stone easily comes out in the solution. Ways to take the grime out Next day in the morning, you will have to clean the stones using a clean soft-bristled toothbrush. Be gentle and fragile when it comes to cleaning diamond jewelry. You will also have to brush the back of diamond piece as this is the area where most of the dirt or oil gets collected. You can use a feather-soft brush if you find the toothbrush being too harsh on your expensive jewelry. The finishing stage You will now have to rinse the diamond with water. You clean the jewelry using a fresh linen cloth. The jewelry now looks as good as new. Caring for your diamond jewelry need not be a hassle anymore. Van Scoy Diamonds is a leading brand dealing with multi-faceted aspects of diamond jewelry. The store takes up jewelry repairs and clean-up on an elaborate note. To call out to the team online, stay connected via https://www.vanscoydiamonds.com/