Custom Design Jewelry: A Dream Come True

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

It's wonderful to get the gift of heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation. Items such as pocket watches, engagement rings and other fine jewelry are quite commonly passed down in a family and often kept in the original design due to the sentimental attachment to those who wore the jewelry. But, often grandma's old, beautiful and very valuable brooch is destined to collect dust in a drawer or jewelry box. Why not change up the game with custom design jewelry? You can easily and affordably create custom design jewelry using the existing precious metals and gemstones of the out-of-date brooch. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="255"]Design Your Own Engagement Ring Design Your Own Engagement Ring[/caption] The first step toward a dazzling new design, thanks to grandma, is to find the right jeweler for the job. You will not find the type of artisan such work requires by going to a “cookie cutter” chain jewelry store in the mall. Shop around for a family-owned and operated store in your area. You are far more likely to find the passion and commitment to the art of fine jewelry at such a store. Custom designed jewelry is an art and a skill. You want the best making your piece.   Consult the jeweler about the type of design you've got in mind. He or she should be able to guide you to the best way to use the components of the brooch for beautiful custom design jewelry that your grandmother would be proud of. Be careful to create a piece that is appropriate for the size of the stones or diamonds, unless you are willing to have them cut for your custom designed jewelry. In addition, historically, many precious metals, specifically gold, were not fortified with the hardeners that jewelers use today to harden the dense but soft precious metal. It would be wise to ask your jeweler if the original metals will support an alternate mounting and, if not, have the gold fortified.   Custom designed jewelry has endless options. You can create any fine jewelry piece or pieces that you desire: earrings, a new necklace or redesign the piece into a more modern and trendy pin that you will wear with pride. Don't let heirloom jewelry sit unused and unloved. You can use an heirloom piece to create custom design jewelry that you will appreciate as much as you appreciate the source.