Cool Picks on Designer Diamond Pendants

Cool Picks On Designer Diamond Pendants

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

As there is fresh love up in the air, there should also be a refreshing feel, when it comes to picking your own sets on jewelry. Helping you discover designer styles on diamond pendants: Marquise Shaped Pendant c0d3faa4-e801-4233-997a-a2de00de9341 This is an absolute nature-lovers form of jewelry. The chopard marquise shaped cluster stones join together to form a charming pendant. You get the pendant resembling leaves clinging on to one another. The pendant can be attached to a silver or gold necklace. The design is a vintage styled pick, for sure Signature pendant d0b9dcb0-6a78-4edd-bee2-a41f00af0921 You get an incredibly fabulous pick, with the all-new signature pendant. You just have a solitaire diamond floating as a stand-alone piece throughout the necklace. The necklace can look graceful on you, when the jewelry is camouflaged, with a long flowy dress. Go for the all-crazy Bohemian look Why don’t you go all crazy over the Bohemian styled pendant? The spring is just about to bloom, isn’t it? The piece is a fabulous brooch shaped pendant. Cluster of stones are decorated to form a diamond brooch pendant. Would you believe if you came to know that the brooch pendant comprises of baguette, pear shaped and marquise cut diamonds worth 18 carats? It is still not over. The designer pick is made from svelte platinum to add to the richness of the jewelry. This is the designer pendant, you just can’t afford to miss out on. Elegant look pendant You can choose a square shaped or a rounded design where the entire outlay of the jewel is embedded into. A medium sized emerald stone comes right there at the center. The central stone is adorned with diamond stones, elegantly. You also have another pendant coming on top of this. It has a ruby stone inscribed at the center. Both the pendants are supported by their respective jump rings, while the regal styled pendants are attached to the diamond necklace. These are extremely stylish pieces of diamond pendants, out there on display. Van Scoy Diamonds is a fashion hub that deals with bridal, luxury and fashion jewelry on a neat platter. To know more about the design catalogue online, log on to