Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Gift Of Vintage Jewelry

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

It is easy to think of Valentine’s Day as a modern holiday, especially if you tend to be on the cynical side. Many people place the blame of “commercializing” the holiday on a certain greeting card company, but the truth is that Valentine’s Day, in some form, has been celebrated for over two thousand years! That’s long before any of us were handing out silly little cards to everyone in our first grade class. This year, when you are shopping for that perfect gift, honor the history of the holiday by giving him or her a piece of vintage jewelry. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Vintage Engagement Rings Vintage Engagement Rings[/caption] The origins of the holiday actually precede St. Valentine himself. During the days of the Roman Empire, it was a day later and under a different name: Lupercalia. It was celebrated on February 15th as a way to bless both the women of the empire and the farmer’s fields with fertility for the upcoming year. Although an antique Roman coin may not be the most romantic – or easiest to find, for that matter – gift to give, silver was the precious metal of choice for the ancient Romans, making silver earrings or a necklace a great choice. The modern concept of Valentine’s Day – where people exchange cards and gifts as a token of their love – took hold during the 15th century. Most historians agree it was the Duke of Orleans who wrote the first Valentine’s Day letter to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Tower is also where you will find the Crown Jewels of England. The Tower guards might notice if you try to sneak some of those jewels out, but a beautiful gold and ruby pendant is a perfect homage to these iconic jewels. Of course, nothing is as classic as the pure beauty of a diamond. Diamond jewelry has been a symbol of love and devotion in almost every society for over two millennia, and a diamond necklace or pair of diamond earrings is always a wise choice. In fact, maybe this is the Valentine’s Day you show her just how permanent your love is by giving her the gift of the most vintage jewelry the world of romance knows: a diamond engagement ring.