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5 Stylish Pendants Every Woman Must Own

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Pendants are the latest upgrade to necklaces. You can even have invisible chains designed so that you have the pendants doing most part of the talking. You can sport this versatile piece of jewelry for a casual parties, office wear or to colleges. Stylish pendants can pull off your persona, for a daily-look, as well. […]

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Journey Through Time

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Let’s take a moment and follow the abridged journey of this summer’s blockbuster, the Man of Steel, with British leading man Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, as Superman/Kal-El. While you may know that Superman is one of the oldest comic book superheroes did you realize it was created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, […]


Diamonds or Pearls

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Diamonds or Pearls – Prince If I gave you diamonds or pearls Would you be a happy boy or girl If I could I would give you the world It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Prince first released his song “Diamonds or Pearls.” At Van Scoy Diamonds, we know you would […]

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Win Your Holiday Wishlist

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Phew, you’ve made it through another Christmas season. Give yourself a pat on the back for putting up with the temporary loss of personal space as you stood in lines at the mall and got elbowed in the ribs or your toes stepped on repeatedly. You did good, and now it’s time to take a […]


For Life’s Many Journeys, the Diamond Journey Pendant

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From the day we enter the world, we are launched into a series of journeys that will define us. Some more memorable than others, some more joyous. A Journey Pendant can represent a passage into which you are just entering, just leaving, or still experiencing. The first holiday you and she spend together – you […]