5 Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

5 Tips For Buying A Custom Engagement Ring

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

With its rising popularity, Custom Jewelry has become quite affordable. That means more and more people are opting for custom jewelry instead of off-the-shelf ones. In this scenario, presenting a customized, unique Engagement ring would be very romantic. However, doing so would involve its fair share of research and involvement. Here are five important things you need to consider before buying custom engagement rings. 1. Take Your Time Customizing an Engagement ring essentially means a long process of design, modification, and final production. This usually takes at least a couple of months. In case, you want to change the design in the middle of the process, it will take even longer than that. We have seen examples where a client took well over a year in making the engagement ring of their choice. We suggest that you give at least three months to make a custom diamond ring for your engagement. Be prepared for frequent visits to your jewelers during the design process. Take your time to research. Especially for those who do not wear a lot of jewelry, it is important to try on as many rings as possible to find the design and shape that suits them best. 2. Budget It is quite possible to get your hands on a custom engagement ring without burning a hole in your pocket. Discuss clearly with your jeweler about how much you want to spend. A good jeweler will give you the right advice based on your budget. There are several ways to customize your engagement ring. There are several websites which offer “Build Your own Ring” services. There, you can choose from various options of materials, designs, and stone settings. Although not fully customized, this is an economical way to get a unique custom diamond ring. Using the service of a local jeweler to build a ring from scratch is more expensive, but it will give you considerably more creative freedom. 3. Express Your Creativity Customizing the Engagement Ring, like any other Custom jewelry means browsing through endless variations of styles, materials, and stone settings. Let your creative side unfold while you experiment with your designs. Go for an unusual polish or a quirky selection of gemstone to make your ring stand out. 4. Think about the Wedding Band Consider your wedding band while choosing the design of your Engagement ring, as you will be wearing both of them together. It is recommended to create the Engagement ring and the Wedding band from the same jeweler. This way, you can ensure that they complement each other while keeping your budget on the lower side. 5. Warranties and Aftercare Be sure to have the final price, warranty, and other relevant information in writing from your jeweler. Read the Terms and Conditions of the warranty and aftercare thoroughly. It is good to have your Custom Diamond Rings insured. In that case, mention that the piece is custom made. Also, it will be a good idea to keep the name of the jewelry maker in writing. At Van Scoy Diamonds, we take care of all types of custom jewelry needs for our customers with utmost care, including Custom Engagement Ring.