2018 Jewelry Trends: Classic diamonds to colored gemstones

2018 Jewelry Trends: Classic Diamonds To Colored Gemstones

By: Vanscoy Diamonds

Jewelry is eternally the most valuable segment in a woman’s closet. There are so many timeless designs and styles that have intrigued every woman. Apart from that timeless glamour, every season, occasion, and era bring its own trends. It is always great to invest in some trendy pieces of jewelry that go well with the season. Here are a few points to remember when you look for the latest trends: 1. Statement jewelry Statement diamond jewelry is a very popular fashion choice among global buyers. It is expected that the same will become a trend in Eastern jewelry markets as well. Classic diamonds and other precious stones like emerald and ruby are popular choices for statement jewelry material. Statement jewelry is great for those who do not like too many pieces of jewelry because you get to wear just one chunky piece and own the look. 2. Contemporary material Buyers today are experimenting more and more with their individual appearances and fashion choices. This is being reflected in the jewelry market as well. Buyers are interested in metals like platinum, white gold, rose gold, stone bases, and other contemporary materials. One particular metal, rose gold, is becoming the big fashion trend of 2018. The warm pink color of rose gold goes well with every skin tone. It also gives a rather uncommon and classy look. Paired with diamonds and/or other precious stones, even white or yellow gold, rose gold offers a wide range of elegant design options. Another great advantage of rose gold is that it is light in weight. This makes rose gold the perfect material for everyday wear jewelry. It is rapidly becoming a great choice for young working women who look for trendy little pieces for daily use within a small budget. 3. Bridal fashion Bridal fashion is still dominated by traditional designs which go well with the general environment of a ‘big fat wedding’. Contemporary bridal fashion jewelry is best suited for those who prefer sleeker designs. 14k Rose Gold Oval Cut Halo Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring 4. Gemstone jewelry Nobody liked having to wear gemstones a decade back. But now they are rather fashionable than awkward. People like them more than diamond jewelry depending on what stone they get to wear. Gemstones are trendy now. 5. Combination jewelry Going for everything made of diamonds is not just too costly, it is tacky in today’s trend. Going for all things ruby or all things green is also stupid. If you do not want to be called Deadpool for all the wrong reasons, or Green Lantern for any reason, learn how to combine jewelry well. Combine diamond jewelry with rose gold, or rose gold with pearls. Combine white gold with the classic yellow gold. Combining different materials, mixing up the traditional materials with contemporary ones, mixing up different stones, you have so many options! At Van Scoy Diamonds, you are free to choose whatever combination of materials you want. Just name it and you will find it. Check out the entire collection.