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Various Styles of Engagement Rings for The Modern Woman

There are many styles of engagement rings available for purchase today. Some women like vintage rings while other women like diamond solitaire rings. There is no right or wrong answer to the question of, “Which ring is best?” It solely boils down to what you find attractive and how much money you have to spend. However, your budget (no matter what it is) will usually allow you to get the design you like the most.


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Vintage engagement rings are very common these days. There is something to be said for old trends coming back every few decades or even longer. Women are gravitating toward recycled furniture, antiques and older clothing these days, so why not make the rings look like jewelry from the past? Being in the industry, jewelers must know what exactly is “hot” these days and they all seem to be making these vintage rings as a result. Vintage rings typically have a halo of diamonds around the center stone and are decorated with intricate designs all over the band and setting. Not every woman likes these rings, though.

Some women prefer a timeless classic: the solitaire engagement ring. This ring is simple, yet stunning. They typically are worn by women who like clean lines, organization, symmetry and zero clutter. They typically have one, single stone serving as the showcase of the ring and usually have simple metal bands. However, some women like to dress up their solitaire rings with a little bling and have some more diamonds in the band itself. There is something to be said for such an elegantly simple design of ring. These rings will always be popular because they are what people think of when they hear the word engagement ring.

Another style of ring is the three stone ring. These rings look a lot like they sound, if you can believe that! There are three stones that serve as the centerpiece. They are lined up down the band and the middle of the three stones is typically larger than the other two diamonds. These rings do not have to include diamonds, but that is what most women prefer. The bands are usually plain metal since the center piece of diamonds is such a magical spectacle!

No matter which ring you end up choosing, it will definitely serve as a constant reminder of the person who gave it to you and who you plan on marrying.

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