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Unique Proposals: Modern Trends

Engagement trends have been eclectic in the last few decades, bravely pushing forward into more public and exciting trends. While not everyone goes for the extravagant pageantry some engagements strive for – after all, there is a lot of power in simplicity – it is hard not to at least crack a smile when you get to be a part of a friend’s elaborate engagement plan. It can also be fun to plan your own. Here is a look at some of the most fun engagement styles.

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There are all kinds of different ways for you to get your partners attention when you are looking to ask them to marry you. If you are absolutely certain they will say yes, and that they have a liking for spectacle and fun, a public proposal might be what you are looking for. The fans who ask their partners to marry them through a sports arena jumbotron are examples of just this technique. Spelling the words out with an airplane can be exciting, but incredibly expensive. Radio shout outs used to be more popular, but with the waning popularity of live radio acts, this too has seen a sharp decline in recent years.

One trend that has risen specifically with the advent of internet video culture is the performance style proposal. There are several available on YouTube for public viewing, which seems to indicate the popularity of this trend. This can range from creating entire music videos featuring friends and family, all filmed for posterity, to surprise questions popped through barbershop quartets. The creativity and planning is admirable and creates a unique experience. Considering the fact that this is a story that will be told for years and years after the wedding ceremony, the more unique it is, the more exciting and enduring the story.

We have come a long way from habitually asking a woman’s father for permission to marry her, and receiving a dowry and unconditional approval for the trouble. Tradition plays an important rule in the bridal engagement and wedding industry, but it’s also been proven time and time again that the only real restrictions and limitations when it comes to doing your engagement and wedding your way is the ones you impose on yourself. The only real limitation is your own imagination. At the end of the day, no matter how many exciting and inspirational proposals you hear about, read about or even watch on YouTube, this is yours and you can do it your own way.


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