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Unique Proposal Ideas

As we’re moving forward into the holidays a lot of men are considering popping the question to the woman they want to spend the rest of their life with.  If you’re one of those lucky fellas that thinks he’s found the one, but you’re not sure how to make a proposal work we hope this list of unique ideas might give you some inspiration when popping the question.

From Odee.com we have two gamer inspired engagements:

A US man, Bernie Peng, 26, of New Jersey, reprogrammed Bejeweled so a ring and a proposal popped up when Tammy Li, 27, reached a certain score.

Mr Peng, who works as a programmer of financial software, spent about a month reprogramming the game. He presented the game to a surprised Li, who played until she hit the score that triggered a digital pink sapphire ring to drop down with Peng’s proposal; she is now sporting an identical pink sapphire engagement ring.

Luckily when the manufacturer heard about it, instead of being angry that Peng had hacked into their game, company officials were so impressed they offered to pay for part of the wedding.

You can beguile her with this platinum trillion royal blue sapphires and hand engraved bejeweled engagement ring from Van Scoy Jewelers designed by Tacori.

Also, another great gamer example was done back in 2007.

Moviesign (his username) purposed in Halo® 3 to his girlfriend of over two years (Furtive Penguin). When their characters, in game, arrived at a certain spot there was a nice top-down view where he had spelled out a proposal using weapons. He then asked her to be his teammate for life.

She’ll say, “Yes!” and think you’re an angel if you present her with this Harout R designed halo engagement ring.

Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? If you are then you probably saw the recent episode where Raj created a scavenger hunt for the rest of the gang; in the end they were ‘all winners’ as he had slipped the winning token into each of their pockets.

You could do something similar with your marriage proposal, get her and her gal pals together– start off with a simple clue to someplace nearby, then get more complicated as the scavenger hunt progresses, and have the final location be a place where you can hide and then pop out and get down on one knee or pull some slight of hand and slip the ring on her person.

We bet you can just imagine her face when she finds this Artcarved Gretchen solitaire engraved engagement ring at the end of her quest.

For a wintery marriage proposal when there’s snow on the ground, pack the snow into letters, or take a squeeze bottle filled with red colored water (Kool Aide is cheap!), and spell out “will you marry me?” in the snow.

Live in a warmer climate or having a ‘snow day’ isn’t a guarantee every winter? Maybe you both enjoy skiing or snow boarding, plan ahead and make your trip to the mountain a weekend she’ll never forget.

If you go this route, present her with a ring that tells her you’ll treat her like a queen. With this elite design by Verragio from Van Scoy Diamonds she’ll know you think she’s royalty.

What about the fun of a corn maze? A lot of local pumpkin patches offer up corn mazes and some have trivia points within the maze.  Make arrangements to have one of the trivia points swapped out to be your proposal on the day you go. She’ll be taken completely by surprise when she turns the corner and instead of finding a check point sees that you want her to be your one-and-only.

The golden leaves of fall won’t be the only thing that drops when you propose with this stunning yellow and white gold diamond ring by True Romance with Van Scoy Diamonds.

We know that regardless of what you decide for your marriage proposal it will be a special event. Call or visit Van Scoy Diamonds so we can help you find the engagement ring that will be the perfect accessory to the most important question of your life.

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