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Tips for Buying Loose Diamonds

She is the perfect woman. Her smile touches your very soul and her laugh is like the sound of angels in heaven. She is, without a doubt, the woman you will spend the rest of your life with. She is creative and funny and one of the most unique people you have ever met. You know, through to your bones, that you need to find the perfect diamond engagement ring for your perfect woman. As you begin your search, it quickly comes to your attention that there are no cookie cutter engagement rings that will properly express the individuality of your love. You decide that creating a one-of-a-kind ring is the only way to go. The problem is, you know squat about loose diamonds. Here are just a few tips to get you started.

4C's of Diamond Buying
4C’s of Diamond Buying

First, find a reputable and reliable jeweler that you can trust. Often family owned and operated jewelry stores will have the artisans capable of creating custom designed jewelry whereas those mall jewelry stores have no custom design capability. In addition, many independent jewelers will have access to a variety of loose diamonds, the focal point of your love’s engagement ring.


Secondly, and very importantly, learn the 4 C’s of diamonds. You don’t need to become an expert on precious gemstones or loose diamonds but a general knowledge will help you choose the right diamond for the custom ring. The 4 C’s of diamonds are cut, clarity, color and carat. While many people believe that cut is the shape of the diamond, it is not. Cut is the many facets of the stone. Too deep or two shallow cuts effect the sparkle and value of the diamond. Clarity is the inclusions and imperfections of the stone. Every diamond has imperfections deep within and are not seen by the naked eye, but the number of them directly affects the value. Color is the third C of loose diamonds and is a very important factor to consider when creating a custom designed engagement ring. The color of diamonds varies from the most valuable clear or white diamonds to yellow, pink and just about any color of the spectrum. Choose the color that will most please your wife-to-be. The last of the 4 C’s of diamonds is carat or the weight of the diamond.


Finally, be sure that the loose diamonds offered by your jeweler are certified as conflict free, in addition to the certification of their value. If your jeweler is unable to provide those certifications of the loose diamonds, move on to another jeweler.

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