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Get trendy ideas about wedding rings

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Get trendy ideas about wedding rings - Van Scoy Diamonds

When you want to get your girl or fiancé with that perfect wedding ring, these are trend-setting ideas and tips you keep a track of. Here they are: Get her sizing measurements done You would definitely have flooding ideas on the type of metal, design, setting and manner in which the stones have to be […]

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Where to get Wedding Bands in Greensboro, NC?

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Historically, women received an engagement ring as a mark of a man’s commitment, and it was the men who wore wedding bands. That is why wedding bands are usually much simpler than engagement rings. With time, however, traditions began to change. As women started wearing wedding bands, they got trendier and more elaborate. Now there are millions of […]

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Where to Get Anniversary Rings in Greensboro NC

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Anniversary rings, though not as popular as wedding or engagement rings, are still part of a tradition that spans centuries. These are, of course, used to celebrate marriage anniversaries or other special occasions. Traditionally, you can’t gift a diamond till 60th wedding anniversary. However, whether you choose to follow that opinion or not is entirely […]

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Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings

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The engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of a marriage proposal. Sometimes this piece of jewelry mistakenly referred to as the wedding ring. There is the list of questions Guys and girls want to ask. Guys want to know how many rings they have to buy, ladies want to know what are […]


Stress-free Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

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With so much going into preparing the proposal and planning the wedding, anything that can help take the stress away from a person’s life at that time would be a good thing. Shopping for diamond engagement rings is naturally going to be a stressful time, but it does not have to be, especially if it […]