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Out on the Town

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It’s five minutes before my ride gets to the door, and I can’t find my favorite pair of daisy earring studs. I’m freaking out! This is a nice dinner with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and I’m desperate to prove that I’m not the same ditz in college that would lose her […]

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Make Your Wedding Jewelry A Matched Set

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It isn’t that I don’t trust my boyfriend to go shopping, it’s just that I’ve seen some of the gifts he’s bought me before. Most of them reflect his rather odd sense of humor, and while it is okay when he comes home from the grocery store with some food I’ve never heard of, I […]


Proposing With Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

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It can be overwhelming when it comes time to shop for diamond engagement rings. Even before you factor in all of the emotional pressure that goes along with what is arguably the biggest decision in a person’s life, there is the sheer number of rings to choose from. I should know. As an accountant, I […]


Various Styles of Engagement Rings for The Modern Woman

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There are many styles of engagement rings available for purchase today. Some women like vintage rings while other women like diamond solitaire rings. There is no right or wrong answer to the question of, “Which ring is best?” It solely boils down to what you find attractive and how much money you have to spend. […]


Top 7 Jewelry Trends For 2013

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Happy New Year Fashionistas!! Along with a breath of fresh air and a new start, New Year’s also brings the preview of the Spring 2013 fashion season. In just a few short months the weather will be changing and it will be time to cast aside those heavy coats and sweaters for springs most stylish […]


Nikki Reed: A Ceremony Tinseled with Tacori

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Nikki Reed charmed the sunlit skies of Southern California on October 16th, as she wed Paul McDonald in classically feminine 40s-inspired fashion and custom designed Tacori jewelry. The newlyweds, Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed said their ‘I Do’s’ against the backdrop of a grassy, sunlit field in an outdoor ceremony in Malibu. -Alex for Van Scoy Diamonds, Greensboro.

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Man Blog Monday: The Lost Wedding Rings of Andy Roddick

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Today, press release from Beijing report that Andy Roddick has been defeated in the first round of the China Open by fellow South African Native, Kevin Anderson. You can’t win them all, as they say.
A stellar performance of Roddick’s tennis talents were enjoyed by many locals in our community, while near Greensboro in August at the Winston-Salem Open, and the Van Scoy Diamonds Blog will continue to ‘Blog Cheer’ for the beautiful Brooklyn Decker and skilled hubby, Andy Roddick. -Alex for Van Scoy Diamonds, Greensboro.