Life is a Highway

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Like it or not, Spring is, undoubtedly, the season of change. Our growing children graduate from high school or college, our friends and family get married, and all around us new life is popping up. As the season unfolds in front of us, it’s time to take out the map and see where we want […]

Mens Jewelry

Gents Fashion Jewelry

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Ladies, we have a secret for you. It’s about men and jewelry. No, we at Van Scoy Diamonds aren’t going to spill the beans if your special man has been in here recently to make a purchase for you. But we will tell you this – Men love jewelry too! Watches, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and […]

Birthstone jewelry

Spring Flowers

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Nothing says spring like flowers. Flowers and gemstones actually have quite a lot in common.  Along with being flushed with beauty and color, it is believed that they contain healing powers when you surround yourself with the flower of your birth month…  Just like gemstones. The flowers of spring – March, April and May – […]