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A Guide to Loose Diamonds

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A diamond is the best natural creation offered to humans by nature. It is no less than a miracle in itself. Its sparkle is so splendid that it can withhold one’s attention forever. It’s a little piece of the star that everyone wants to possess. But how to select the best possible Loose diamond that […]

Loose diamonds

Loose Diamonds Can And Should Be Insured

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Loose diamonds are lovely natural creations the world has gifted to us to enjoy. We certainly enjoy them. Not only are they shiny and magical looking, but they also symbolize romance. Many women wear diamonds that were given to them by their significant others. Some of this jewelry comes in the form of an engagement […]

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Tips for Buying Loose Diamonds

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She is the perfect woman. Her smile touches your very soul and her laugh is like the sound of angels in heaven. She is, without a doubt, the woman you will spend the rest of your life with. She is creative and funny and one of the most unique people you have ever met. You […]


Custom Design Jewelry: A Dream Come True

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It’s wonderful to get the gift of heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation. Items such as pocket watches, engagement rings and other fine jewelry are quite commonly passed down in a family and often kept in the original design due to the sentimental attachment to those who wore the jewelry. But, often grandma’s […]